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As one of the few specialist allergy centres in London, led by experts in both adult and paediatric allergies, we are ideally placed to offer effective investigation and management of all known allergies.

Unfortunately, in the UK there is a large gap between demand for allergy services and what is available, with a very small number of doctors choosing to specialise in allergy. Around 3 million children and adults a year are seen in primary care with allergic symptoms, and yet GPs receive little or no training in allergies.

London Allergy Specialists, at the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth, is uniquely run by Consultants who specialise in allergies. Our Adult Allergy Clinic is led by Professor John Brostoff, Professor Emeritus of Allergy and Environmental Health at Kings College London, and Founder of the Allergy Research Foundation. Dr Lee Noimark, lead Consultant for our Paediatric Allergy Clinic, is one of the few accredited Paediatric Allergy specialists in the country and currently heads the allergy team at Barts and the London Children's Hospital.

Together with our team of allergy experts including specialists in skin prick allergy testing, respiratory physiology and assessment, and paediatric nurses, our Consultants provide a rapid-access service for allergy care.

Call us today on 020 7806 4060 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to book an appointment.

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The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth is proud to be the British Athletics medical base for our Olympic track and field athletes.

In the last audited year we had no MRSA infections



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